Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Brief Conversation with Michael Mann

It has probably not escaped climate change sceptics' notice that there is a new Nature paper by Stefan Rahmstorf, Mann et al on the supposed 'unprecedented' slowdown in the North Atlantic thermohaline circulation (THC) during the 20th Century. The Washington Post and the Independent have picked up on it in typical alarmist media fashion and Rahmstorf himself is promoting it over at RealClimate. Mann is hawking it on Facebook like it was The Day After Tomorrow.

Now Mann has blocked me on Twitter but hasn't got around to doing so on Facebook (might have by now!), so I thought I would add a comment or two to one of his posts on this new paper. As you can see from his Facebook profile, he really is going overboard promoting this study in typical alarmist fashion.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when he actually replied to my first comment, so I added a reply and quickly took a snapshot of the convo guessing that he would do exactly what he did - remove the comments. Here it is.

A (brief) Conversation with Michael Mann - quickly deleted

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