Thursday, 26 June 2014

El Nino killed off by Global Warming

A warming world was supposed to be a world in which El Nino events dominated, powerful events, like the super Nino of 1998 and the slightly less powerful event in 1982/3. Warmist doctrine requires that this is the mechanism par excellence whereby excess heat trapped by CO2 and other greenhouse gases, which makes its way into the world's oceans, is suddenly unleashed upon the globe in one big hit. Hence AGW theorists were eagerly anticipating the development of a super Nino this year and on into the next, buoyed by record SST anomalies in the pacific in March. Alas, it was not to be and that early promise faded rapidly.

Now we are in the situation where it is looking increasingly like El Nino 2014/15, if it even develops, is going to be something of a damp squib and any rise in global temperatures as a result very very modest, perhaps insignificant. The World Meteorological Organisation has come up with a novel explanation for this: the failure of El Nino 2014/15 to live up to expectations is down to . . . . wait for it . . . . . global warming! Specifically, they point the finger at the 'record' warm May 2014 recently reported by NOAA (and duly disseminated across the leftist media as 'evidence' for continued global warming). In other words, one superhot month created by the accumulation of anthropogenic greenhouse gases in our atmosphere has effectively killed off El Nino 2014/15!

So, what does the WMO propose as the mechanism whereby global warming is able to kill off budding super Ninos?

“One explanation for the lack of atmospheric response so far may be that the sea surface temperatures are above average across virtually the entire tropical Pacific, not just in the eastern and central portions. This may be maintaining west-to-east temperature differences more typical of neutral conditions,”

There you have it, above average SSTs caused by generalised global warming interfering with the 'temperature difference' across the entire Pacific. I'm sure there are holes in this theory you could drive an aircraft carrier through. It just sounds so brainless and desperate. Reporting Climatescience, in response to WMO's suggestion above, cautions its readers:

"However, it is worth noting that this WMO suggestion apparently runs counter to the conclusions of peer reviewed research published in Nature last year that warned higher temperatures associated with climate change would actually result in twice the number of more powerful El Ninos in the future (see our report here)."

I should say so! Having cake and eating it springs to mind. Had El Nino 2014/15 turned into a super Nino, doubtless we would all be regaled by stories in the press about climate scientists being vindicated in their theories that the 'pause' was really not a pause after all. The proof of the pudding, they would say, is the global warming now being unleashed upon the world courtesy of an El Nino spawned by the extraordinary amounts of heat which disappeared into the oceans during the 'fake' hiatus in global temperatures which all those doubting sceptics took to be proof that man-made global warming was nonsense. But as it's not going to happen, the WMO comes up with a whizzo explanation which neatly lets warmists off the hook - there'll be no El Nino warming because it's too warm!